♥ Delicious Golden Piss Play - This One's For the Thirsty Guys ♥

I would have to say that Viktoria has become MY "First Lady of Piss Play"!
By any standards, she is one of the classiest, most beautiful, elegant women I have ever seen... and the fact that she adores piss and cum play as much as she does, makes me cum every time!!
The adventurous lad in the video below, at least gets down there in that sloshing, warm pool of piss with her... 
that's what I'm talkin' about!
If it were me though, I would be lying in it and drinking everything that comes running down her body as my tongue plays deep inside her delicious pussy!
Viktoria and John Thompson, if you're out there, get me in one of those videos and you'll see a guy who would LOVE to go the soaking wet distance with this stunning woman!!!

Well, in part, this post is dedicated to the guys (like myself) who aren't just "Givers"
The guys who love to REALLY get wet... 
Swapping it in a kiss once you've filled your lovers' mouth... getting down there and getting soaking wet in it... and maybe even being drenched by a group while your lover rides your tongue or cock!
Here's to The Wet Ones among us!!
I couldn't find a lot, but there's some sweet stuff in with the videos.
Enjoy and Drink Up Boys!!

On one hand this may be a bit long... 
on the other, this is my kind of pussy lovin' and she has some really sweet explosions right into his mouth!!

Now this dominant, beautifully buxom nurse knows how to get a guy wet.
Once she's had her way with him, she sends him to the bath to drink and shower in his own pee!
A little sharing might have been nice, but still very hot!!

And on to some other game lads that don't mind getting a bit soaked while they're having their wet fun!


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