♥ Piss Is Definitely The New Cum ♥

Let's start this post right off with one beautifully piss soaked video that has made me cum more times than I can remember now!
Once again we have the same guy as in the last hot, wet post!
I guess I like the way this guy plays so much, because he seems to love all the same kind of piss play that I do... not dominating, not humiliating, but getting right in there and drinking in all the same wet love that he's dishing out!
Sometimes, 'tis better to receive than to give... but most times, both are best!
Good luck getting through the next 60 minutes!

Quite simply, 30 minutes of delicious piss and cum play!

I would SO love to be lying under her, giving her pussy all the pleasure it deserves while she's getting so beautifully soaked!

Some beautifully bizzarre piss kissing!

A short, but very sweet drink!

This girl is just SO fucking hot... 
and thirsty!!

I just can't express how much I'd love to have this girl's piss soaked nipples in my mouth throughout this whole video!!

I'd give anything to share every last golden drop with this brown skinned beauty!!

And last, but most definitely not least... 40 minutes from
"Amy's Pissing Phantasies Part 2"
I just love this buxom beauty's taste for piss play!!

Mixed with her pee, that would have to be the ultimate drink!

Want Milk?
Cumming soon!


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